Hosteons在当地时间21号发布了OpenVZ 7 VPS Migration to KVM – Free Upgrade公告,表示即将终止OpenVZ VPS产品,并为现有客户免费创建相同配置的KVM架构VPS,数据需要用户自行手工迁移,用户迁移完成后再删除原OpenVZ VPS,如果用户现有主机(OpenVZ)没有需要迁移的数据,也可以马上发工单让客服删除后新开KVM架构主机。

Hosteon是一家成立于2018年的国外主机商,提供包括VPS、Hybrid Dedicated和独立服务器租用等产品,数据中心包括美国洛杉矶、波特兰、盐湖城、迈阿密、达拉斯、法国巴黎、德国法兰克福等,支持使用PayPal、支付宝、信用卡和加密货币等付款方式。
AMD Ryzen 7950X系列VDS:
We at constantly try to provide stable, secure and affordable VPS Hosting Services, hence to continue to provide secure services we have to migrate all OpenVZ based VPS to KVM VPS.
As some of you must be already aware that CentOS 7 is reaching End Of Life (EOL) in July 2024 and OpenVZ 7 is based on CentOS 7. EOL means that all development including security updates will stop for OpenVZ 7 or CentOS 7.
Virtuozzo/OpenVZ Developers have dropped the project of OpenVZ 8 and are working on OpenVZ 9 but there is still no date available when OpenVZ 9 will be available and what will be the upgrade path for it.
So we have decided to provide a FREE Upgrade to KVM VPS for all our OpenVZ VPS Customers to a KVM VPS with similar specs.
So how do we plan to achieve it ?
First of all there is no upgrade path for OpenVZ to KVM, data has to be migrated manually from OpenVZ to KVM
So This is how you we are going to do this Migration:
We will setup a new KVM VPS For you with similar specs and email you details and will provide certain amount of time to move all your data to your new KVM VPS
Before doing this we may migrate some of the OpenVZ based VPS to other nodes as we need to consolidate some of the VPS and free up some VPS Nodes to setup as KVM Nodes, we are just not going to use only existing VPS nodes as KVM Nodes more resources then OpenVZ, so we will have to even add new VPS Nodes for this which is going to increase our cost a lot, but will eat up that cost.
We will honour the price of your current OpenVZ VPS packages till your next renewal date, but from next billing cycle you may have to pay a little extra (only if you have some very highly discounted promotional package), for most of the users price won’t change at all.
Some Extra Benefits of this Upgrade and Migration:
Your VPS will be now a KVM VPS, hence you can install your own custom kernel and even Custom OS via your own ISO
Free Backup/Snapshot
Free Upgrade to 1 Gbps Port Speed
All IPv6 VPS will also get a free upgrade to our KVM VPS with IPv4 IP till their next renewal date.
How do I get update or status of this Migration:
Once we start this migration, we will create a POST in our Announcement Section and post regular updates over there –
If you want to skip the QUE and you don’t need Data from your OpenVZ VPS or have backups of your data, just submit a support ticket, we will terminate your OpenVZ VPS and setup a new KVM VPS with similar specs and email you details.
We have already removed OpenVZ based VPS From our order FORM As well as website, hence we are not accepting any new orders for OpenVZ based VPS, but this is a great opportunity where you can free Upgrade to KVM VPS From OpenVZ VPS
If  you have any doubts feel free to submit a support ticket.

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